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General Rules[edit]

Game Accounts[edit]

Each person may create three game accounts (these are accounts with unique login names to OathRO’s game client). If you make more than three accounts, those extra accounts may be subject to suspension or forced consolidation.

Dual Clienting[edit]

Dual clienting (that is having two instances of the game open at one time) is prohibited. This includes using virtual machines or proxies to circumvent this rule. One person should only ever be playing on one account at once. If we see you own more than one account, and more than one of your accounts is online at the same time, we are going to assume it’s dual clienting. We are not allowing people to “share” accounts with other people or use other people as “slaves”, as this ultimately has the same result and effect as dual clienting.

Third-party Cheats & Mods[edit]

Botting, hacking or any use of any third-party programs that automate or provide unfair advantages to gameplay are strictly prohibited. Third party programs include the use of macros, auto-hotkeys and auto-clickers. Any suspected third-party program use by players may result in a permanent ban. You may only use the game client provided by OathRO on our download page or through our patch client. You are not allowed to modify files within the client provided to you by OathRO that affect the visual representation of the game and its resources or gameplay itself. If and when exceptions are made, they will be made here. EXCEPTIONS:

  1. Any music files may be changed at the user’s discretion and risk.
  2. UI skins are allowed as this is an officially approved modification (share your skins with the community!)
  3. Homunculus AIs are allowed to the extent that they do not automatically feed your Homunculus or cause the player character to take any actions that do not require direct user input.
  4. GRF edits that provide gutter line guides in a visual form are the ONLY GRF edit allowed and we will neither help you set it up or debug it.

Exploiting or using bugs or attempts at exploitative behavior will result in a permanent ban. Please report any bugs or potential exploits to the OathRO staff immediately.

Imitation of Staff[edit]

Game Masters and Community Managers are identifiable by their in-game sprites and/or names prefixed by the [GM] or [CM] tag. Attempts to imitate or name characters in a way similar to OathRO staff may require action against that character or account, including but not limited to a forced name change, or temporary/permanent suspension depending on severity.

Real Market Trading[edit]

Real money transactions for items, in-game currency, accounts, leeching services, or other services are strictly prohibited and will be dealt with through permanent suspension of account privileges. Advertisers of such services will receive a permanent IP ban.

Account Sharing[edit]

You are highly advised to protect your account details and password and you should not share such details with anyone else. Any loss of items and characters will not be restored. Further, any actions taken by other parties that violate our rules that result in action against your account will not be reversed.

Communication Rules[edit]

Social Etiquette[edit]

Public and global chat channels may not be used to spam, harass, or annoy other players. While the primary language is English, other global channels may be requested by speakers of other languages on the Forums. Please use the appropriate global channels when buying or selling items or forming groups. Using global channels to harass or spam other players may result in muting your account for a certain period of time or in serious cases may result in a temporary ban.

Reporting Bad Behavior[edit]

Please take screenshots of any serious infractions of harassment or behavior that grossly violates our rules and submit them to the Report section of the forums. Private messages that are unwanted should be blocked by using the command “/ex <Player Name>”. Please remember that unwanted messages do not necessarily constitute harassment. However, messages containing, racist, homophobic or sexual content should be reported (via screenshot) and may result in the temporary mute or suspension of the party sending such content.

Game Masters & Community Managers[edit]

GMs will never ask you for your items or password in-game, on the Discord Server or on our site. GMs will not give away zeny, items, or assist players in any ways with the exception of certain events that allow GM interaction. Please understand our GMs and CMs are human beings who mainly act as volunteers out of love for the game and server. They deserve your patience and should be treated like any other member of our community as they help you.

Other Servers Discussions[edit]

While casual mention is fine, please reserve discussion, advertisement, or recommendations of other Servers to appropriate forums or other fan communities. Users advertising other services or goods from other servers may receive a temporary or permanent ban.

Gameplay Rules[edit]

Each player is expected to create a welcoming community. While competition and banter is allowed, overt “griefing” or harassment of other players may be punishable by warning or other severe means.

Kill Stealing[edit]

Players are expected to make a good faith effort to not kill steal from other players—that is the purposeful killing of other players’ tagged mobs. Accidental kill stealing should be forgiven. However, if victim of a repeat kill stealer, please record video or submit substantial evidence through screenshots documenting the *repeated* kill stealing behavior of the other person. Please note that only the most serious infractions will be investigated. Being a victim of kill stealing does not invite you to harass or insult the other player. Remember that two wrongs do not make a right.


Mobbing, that is the gathering of mobs to kill all at once, is allowed to the extent that it does not affect other players. OathRO prides itself in rebalancing the experience granted by all mobs, which in turn will make various leveling strategies outside of mobbing viable and encouraged.

MVP Rules[edit]

MVPs are not considered subject to the kill stealing rule and any player may attack them. Loot is also free-for-all if multiple parties or players are competing for the kill. Loot priority is programmed to favor the player(s) with the highest damage output. Using skills such as Pneuma or other things to purposely kill or grief other players will not be tolerated. It is PVM not PVP when you are killing MVPs.


Skills should be used for the benefit of players and eradication of mobs. Players using skills to harass other players may be subject to punishment. Examples would be trapping players using ice wall or buffing mobs to grief players. These rules are not applicable in PVP situations.

Vending Rules & Chat Rooms[edit]

We request you stay off of the main road of Prontera when vending and keep vending to the areas designated as “sidewalks”. If you have any questions about where to vend, please refer to the image below as a reference. If in doubt, see what other vendors are doing and if you still have questions please ask us on the forums! Additionally, please provide a 3-cell buffer around any NPCs and a 2-cell buffer around other merchants. This is to allow shoppers ease when browsing items. People in violation of vending rules may be forcefully disconnected.

Other Punishable Offenses[edit]

Mob Griefing[edit]

The gathering of mobs with the *intention* to kill another player is not permitted. While some situations cause players to run past you with mobs that may switch their targeting to you, especially in dungeons with tight corridors, the intentional gathering of mobs with the sole purpose of killing another player is a bannable offense. If you become victim to this abuse, please provide us with screenshots showing the player heading towards you with mobs, and purposely running those mobs into you or using skills such as hide, teleport or vanish near you to force those mobs to attack you. Note that this is a difficult offense to prove and the more visual evidence (especially video evidence) you provide, the better. The offender’s name should be visible in all reported media. The usage of Dead Branches near or on top of unsuspecting players with the intention of directly killing them is also not permitted and is a form of mob griefing. It is fine to use Dead Branches in maps, but do not use them directly near players. Find an isolated spot to use them.

Loot Stealing[edit]

We have extended the protected time you have to gather items as well as the time items stay before disappearing and you should collect your loot as soon as possible. However, if a player is purposely following you to take your loot you should first confront that player and warn them. If they continue to persist in stealing your loot, please submit visual evidence indicating the offense. The offender’s name should be visible in all reported media.


Sellers should be very careful about listing items at their intended prices. Buyers as well should look carefully at any item they buy to ensure it is the right item at the price they intend to pay with the correct number of sockets (if equipment). Players grossly misrepresenting items that they are selling may be subject to punishment depending on the severity. DO NOT AGREE TO ANY INDIRECT TRADING SUCH AS TRADING AN ITEM BETWEEN TWO CHARACTERS IN EXCHANGE FOR AN ITEM OR ZENY ON A THIRD CHARACTER.

Illegal & Inappropriate Content[edit]

Content including but not limited to sex, nudity, gore, violence, drugs, racial slurs, homophobic, or other prejudiced content is unwelcomed in our community and will be punished depending on the severity of such comments. Again, please first try to ignore the player, but if the player persists with such remarks or content, please report that player to our staff for investigation.

False Reporting[edit]

False Reporting[edit]

Please be responsible when reporting people for infractions. The report system is a system used to weed out cheaters and bad actors. It is not a system to be used to weaponize against other players you don’t like. Mass reporting wastes OathRO staffs’ time and makes our jobs much more difficult. We ask that you understand that us staff members volunteer our free time to the server out of a labor of love to both the game and server project and do not have time to investigate every single petty infraction. If suspecting a player of rule breaking something such as dual clienting, please be ABSOLUTELY SURE that they are guilty before filing a report. Your reports should come with evidence of the infractions if possible. Reports of “So-and-So did this” or “This person just stole a monster from me” or “This person has an acolyte auto following them, they must be dual clienting” with zero evidence or for small one-offs wastes our time and will not be investigated. Please refer to the rules themselves when deciding if something is reportable or not. Remember the story lessons from “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. Users who constantly overuse the report system for tiny infractions may have their reports go ignored. We encourage players to use the other tools in-game available to them to ignore or block the player first before escalating the situation to a moderator. Weaponizing the report system to grief a player is the same as harassment and may be punishable as such with the same penalty.