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General Commands[edit]

  • Add % in front of a message to send to Party only.
  • Add $ in front of a message to send to Guild only.
  • /set1 - Activates /skillfail, /showname, /noctrl, and /window.
  • /set2 - Activates /skillfail, /showname, /noctrl, /q1, /q2, and /window.
  • /miss - Hides the "Miss" animation.
  • /sit - Makes the character sit.
  • /stand - Makes the character stand.
  • /chat - Creates a chatroom.
  • /q - Leaves a chatroom.
  • /memo - Memorizes a location for the Warp Portal skill.
  • /hi <text> - Sends a private message to everyone in the friends list.
  • /quickspell1 or /q1 - Enables the skill on the F9 hotkey by right clicking.
  • /quickspell2 or /q2 - Cycles through all skills on the F7 and F8 hotkeys.
  • /quickspell3 or /q3 - Enables /q1 and /q2
  • /bangbang - Turns the character clockwise.
  • /bingbing - Turns the character counter clockwise.
  • /doridori - Moves the character's head from side to side.
  • /h or /help - Lists the in-game commands.
  • /bgm - Turns on/off background music.
  • /sound - Turns on/off sound effects.
  • /effect - Turns on/off skill effects and other flashy effects.
  • /skip - Widens frame skip. This is recommended for players who lag excessively.
  • /aura - Minimizes the aura effects for level 99 players.
  • /tip - Opens Tip of the Day.
  • /emblem - Turns guild emblems on and off.
  • /bv (#) - Changes BGM volume.
  • /v (#) - Changes sound effect volume.
  • /where - Shows what map the character is in as well as coordinates.
  • /am - Enter in a message to automatically reply when someone PMs you. Useful while AFK.
  • /ex <Character Name> - Blocks PMs from <Character Name>.
  • /ex - Displays a list of blocked players.
  • /in <Character Name> - Removes <Character Name> from the "Blocked" list.
  • /inall - Removes everyone from the Blocked list.
  • /exall - Blocks all incoming PMs.
  • /invite "<name>" - Invite a person to your party. Works across different maps.
  • /refuse - Automatically declines all party invites.
  • /accept - Disables auto-decline.
  • /notrade or /nt - Blocks all trade offers and friend requests.
  • /notalkmsg or /nm - Keeps public chat from being displayed in the chat window.
  • /notalkmsg2 or /nm2 - Keeps guild and public chat from being displayed in the chat window.
  • /organize "<Party Name>" - Creates a party named <Party Name>.
  • /leave - Allows one to leave a party.
  • /guild "<Guild Name>" - Creates a guild named <Guild Name>. This requires an Emperium to be in the creator's inventory.
  • /breakguild "<Guild Name>" - Disbands a guild. Can only be used by the guild leader. All members must be expelled first.
  • /shopping or /sh - Allows opening vendor windows with one left-click and closing shop windows with one right-click.
  • /noctrl or /nc - Allows attacking monsters continuously with only one left-click.
  • /noshift or /ns - Allows targeting monsters or other players in PvP arenas with support skills without having to press the Shift key.
  • /window or /wi - Makes the windows being moved snap to another window nearby.
  • /savechat - Saves the chat.
  • /battlemode or /bm - Starts Battle mode where the keyboard is used to instantly access shortcut-bar content without using F1~F9. Also, shortcuts of pages in the background can be used.
  • /alchemist - Shows the top 10 brewing Alchemists in the server.
  • /blacksmith - Shows the top 10 forging/upgrading Blacksmith in the server.
  • /taekwon - Shows the top 10 TaeKwon Kid based on completion of TaeKwon Mission in the server.
  • /emotion - Lists some of the in-game emotions.
  • /skillfail or /sf - Turns off "Skill has Failed" messages.
  • /loginout or /li - Turns off guild messages and login messages (ie. "<Character Name> has logged in/out" and "<Character Name> has dis/connected").
  • /fog - Turns fog on and off.
  • /mineffect or /minimize - Enables less graphically intense effects. This command does not work for Wizard's AoE skills.
  • /hoai - Switches Homunculus AI between default and custom mode.
  • /traceai - Saves Homunculus' status as a text file.
  • /merai - Switches Mercenary AI between default and custom mode.
  • /font - Switches the position of character name, party name, guild name, guild title, and emblem to above or below character sprites.
  • /lightmap - Removes shade effects and a majority of lighting effects.
  • /eqopen - Makes your equipment viewable by anyone.
  • /battlechat - Activates the battlegrounds chat, with it enabled you can't use normal, party or guild chats.
  • /check <text> - Produces [ <text> ] in a green font. Use is unknown.
  • /camera - Turns camera "smoothing" off and on.
  • /tingonly - Disables sound effects except the "ting" or "ding" sound when someone enters in a chatroom

Custom Commands[edit]

@memo <slot>
Let the player replace specific destinations saved by warp portal, <slot> is a number from 0 to 2, which indicates the slot to overwrite.
Synchronizes the player's position on the client with the one stored on the server.
@autotrade, @at
Allows you continue vending offline, then logs off. The character will continue vending until you log in to that account again, all items are sold, or the mapserver closes.
@iteminfo, @ii
Displays item information (type, price, weight, drops).
@help, @h
Displays the help message for the specified command.
Looks up an item by name (or part of a name) and returns the id of that item.
Joins the specified channel.
Displays the local server time, along with day/night information.
See channel commands.
Toggles the display of experience gain messages.
Shows or hides the red "Cannot use the skills" message.
Displays the maps in which monster normally spawns.
Displays a list of mobs which drop the specified item. Only the highest drop rates are shown.
Displays a list of available commands.
@mobinfo, @mi
Displays detailed mob information.
Displays a list of player merchants selling stuff. Works best with item id.
Displays a list of player merchants buying stuff. Works best with item id.