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Here, you'll find great information about the OathRO Server and so much more.

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There are currently 260 articles and 722 images.

This wiki contains information specific to OathRO. Even so, this wiki is still in development, so you may refer to iROwiki Classic for any info we're missing.

Latest News!

  • Louyang released!!!
  • Summer Festival, rates 1.2x until September 1st!!!
  • New custom dungeon Payon Undertombs is released!!!

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WoE Season 3

August 20, 2022

Check in discord for more information!

Patch 1.5.3d: Louyang is released!

August 16, 2022

  • You can catch the boat from Payon or Alberta to Louyang for the low entry price of 1,000 zeny until the next international dungeon is released in a month from now.

Thereafter, the price will remain low at 2,000 zeny.

  • Some mobs introduced with Louyang have the experience changed

Patch 1.5.2c

August 12, 2022

  • Aldebaran is officially assigned as a sister city of Payon, this means free teleport between the 2 and more NPC vendors in Aldebaran.

Patch 1.5.0: Payon Undertombs is finally here!

July 21, 2022

  • The awaited new dungeon is out!
  • Enjoy the new MvP alongside the new quest that comes alongside it.
  • New pets, new mobs, new items, new cards!

War of the Emperium Season 2 Has Begun!

Saturday, May 14 2022

WoE s2 banner.png

  • 18-Player Rosters
  • Changes to the Point System and Treasure Rewards
  • Read more here

Patch 1.4.0: Kunlun (Gonryun) is now live!

April 28th 2022

Warps are available from both Alberta and the Payon docks for 1,000 zeny!

Enjoy this new zone with brand new mobs, including Enchanted Peach Tree and Zipper Bear as well as the MVP, Evil Snake Lord. The official quests are also implemented.

Patch 1.3.0: Amatsu is here!

March 15th 2022

Amatsu will be going live after maintenance tomorrow as well! You can catch the boat from Payon or Alberta to Amatsu for the low entry price of 1,000 zeny until the next international dungeon is released in a month from now. Thereafter, the price will remain low at 2,000 zeny.

Amatsu is full of Japanese-themed enemies and folklore. Enter the dungeon by completing a quest to free a granny from a kitsune's possession. Craft a special sashimi knife to make your own fresh fish out of fish monsters! Lastly, challenge the Momotaro fable by defeating the terrifying oni monsters (Dokebi) for a chance at a taming item!

Also, don't forget to check out Amatsu Dungeon. The tatami maze will no longer restrict teleportation to give players more freedom to explore deeper dungeon levels.

Patch 1.2.6: Muspelheim Level 2

  • Muspelheim Level 2 (Mines)
  • New Monsters and Items have been added
  • New Quests have been added

War of the Emperium Season 1 Has Begun!

Woe s1.png

  • 16-Man Rosters
  • Custom Point System and Treasure Rewards
  • Read more here

Summer Festival Event!

August 12, 2022

Rates increased to 1.2x until September 1st

Poring Dig Site Event!

March 25th 2022 - April 15th 2022

The Poring Dig Site is a new dungeon added as part of the Six Month Anniversary of OathRO. The dungeon is a unique addition to OathRO that gives players an opportunity to encounter some very strange and unique poring monsters! In fact, at the deepest level, there is even rumored to be a giant Poring MVP!

2022 White Day (Valentine's Day) Event

March 15th 2022 - March 22th 2022

Loverings and Little Cupids have appeared all over the place and if you're lucky to find some, they have a chance to each drop their own unique costume headgear. In addition, they may drop some candy, items, or Valentine Tokens.

The Valentine Tokens can be exchanged in Payon through Stacey Love for consumable items (Price Varies), a very special Costume Valentine Hat (1,000 Valentine Tokens) or a Gatcha Machine Token (10 Valentine Tokens).

The Gatcha Machine gives you even more random chances to win prizes. Each play is guaranteed a Gatcha Ball prize! Inside you may find items, jewels, and if you are super lucky a pet taming item or even a pet egg!

Coaley Moley

Active until January 14 at 09:00AM GMT.

OathROChristmas 2021.png

Happy Holidays from the OathRO Team! Enjoy the festivities!