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Oath RPG Online (OathRO) is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). OathRO allows you to create a virtual character, customize it, and partake in epic adventures across exotic lands.

OathRO is a great way to hang out with friends as well as make new ones. With an ever-expanding universe, in-game events, and a large community of users, there are always places to see, things to do, and people to meet in this virtual world!

OathRO Features[edit]

  • Classic Classes with Class Rebalance changes give you a lot of variety in your character builds.
  • Quests that are unique to OathRO are ever increasing and provide more options.
  • Monster Rebalancing and experience changes provide players with many new leveling options.
  • Simple game mechanics that are easy to learn!
  • A seasonal War of Emperium system is in place to ensure new guilds can jump into the fray and compete at any time!
  • Server is not built on any pay-to-win systems or donation system and is self-funded with plenty of capital, allowing for the guarantee of stability and longevity.
  • For more information check out Server Information!

Official Story[edit]

In a time of strife between God, humans, and demons...

Scarred during the gruesome war and avoiding total destruction altogether, God, humans, and demons manage to enter into a truce...

But after 1,000 years of fragile and forged peace in the world...

The lengthy peace eventually led the humans to forget their memories of the scars and hardship from the war. As they forgot faults of the past, selfishness, corruption, and arrogance slowly spread throughout the land...

Finally, the balance of peace broke and strange occurrences started happening. There came a strange howl from the boundaries that divided God, humans, and demons. Peaceful creatures became aggressive and attacked innocent villagers. Violent earthquakes ripped whole continents apart. Great hail storms drove some species to the brink of extinction...

The mysterious legend of demons were rediscovered...

As the fragile peace began to fall apart, stories about the parts of Ymir protecting the peace began to spread among the adventurers. Forgetting the true nature of the ancient relics, people set out to seek the pieces out of selfishness and the promise of wealth that would come with it...

Account Creation[edit]

Currently, OathRO uses FluxCP to oversee account creation and management. At this time (though it may be changed in the future), there is no master account system in place. Each account must be created and managed individually on the OathRO website.