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1. Q: Is there stat/skill reset?

A: Only for stats. Refer to Stat reset for more information.

2. Q: How many accounts can one person make?

A: Maximum of 3 accounts can be made per person.

3. Q: Is dual/multi clienting allowed?

A: NO. Dual/Multi clienting is strictly prohibited as per rules of this server. One person can only handle one active account at any given time. Simultaneous use of two or more accounts via any method such as 2nd pc, laptop, sandboxing, etc.. is not allowed.

4. Q: How does autotrade work in the dual/multi clienting rule?

A: Account/s on autotrade is/are not considered active as such you can still use one of your free accounts to login and play with.

5. Q: Why do some mobs have different base/job exp value compared to the ones in RMS?

A: It is due to the slight exp adjustment done on this server. Refer to Monster Rebalancing for more information.

Game Mechanics/Information[edit]

1. Q: I'm lost! Where is the npc for the arrow crafting skill?

A: Refer to Arrow Crafting Quest for the location of the npc.

2. Q: I'm lost! Where is the npc for the charge arrow skill?

A: Refer to Charge Arrow Quest for the location of npc.

3. Q: Where is the npc for the hunter job change quest?

A: Refer to Hunter Job Change Guide for the location of the npc.

4. Q: Alchemist plant's buffs and changes? I'm confused.

A: Refer to Alchemist Plants Guide for more information.

5. Q: Are the equipment and card combos working in-game?

A: So far, only certain equipment and card combos are enabled. The current list can be found here.

6. Q: I'm lost! Where is the npc that sells Stunners?

A: Near the bottom left of Morroc (in the main town, not the pyramids).