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There is a group of unhappy children in Payon, they say that Santa gave them coal! Coal for good children!? What on earth could be going on! There must be something wrong in Lutie for sure. A friendly looking Christmas Poring near the children seems a bit confused by the situation but has an idea. Using his holiday magic, he can offer you a teleport straight to Lutie. Once in Lutie, you will go to meet Santa and his assistants. Santa will recount the past and how one certain naughty kid turned into an even naughtier adult! During the conversation the player will learn of the existence of a fake Santa! The Fake Santa named Antonio is stealing presents from children and giving them coal as presents. Santa has asked you to help him as well as his assistant Pie to return the joy back to the children who have been visited by this nuisance.

Note: This is OathRO's first Christmas event and will run through January 14 at 09:00AM GMT.

Delivery Questline[edit]

1. In the top right building in the Payon Bazaar, in the northern room will be a Grandmother, her two granddaughters, and a Christmas Poring. Speak with the Christmas Poring to proceed with the quest. He will tell you that there's been some mixup in Lutie that needs investigating. Choose the option Go Save Christmas! and he will automatically warp you to Lutie.

Christmas Poring.png

Note: Speaking with the Christmas Poring again will warp you to Lutie for free and is the currently the quickest route to Lutie.

2. In Lutie, visit Santa's house. He will tell you that Antonio has stolen the letters and replaced all the children's gifts with coal.

Santa Claus.png

3. Speaking with Santa again will start a questline in which he will ask the player to make various deliveries to children scattered about Rune Midgards.

Delivery NPC Reward
Holly - Archer Village (102,107)


8028.png Bag of Xmas Sweets
Paul - Prontera (62, 304)


8032.png Super Cookie Bag
Nathan & Allison - Geffen (146, 65)


12208.png Battle Manual
Amir - Morroc (243, 42)


14606.png Job Battle Manual
Bonnie & Maggie - Payon (108, 173)


8033.png Ice Weapon Gift Box

Antonio's Lair[edit]

Antonio's Lair is a custom event dungeon that can be found in Toy Factory 2 (21, 101). Monsters from this dungeon will drop Santa Tokens that players can trade in for various rewards.

Note: Santa Tokens can also be obtained from some of the lower level mobs in Toy Factory.

Token Rewards[edit]

Talking to the Myst Case in Santa's house will allow the player to exchange Santa Tokens for various rewards.

Myst Case.png

Item 8026.png Santa Token
8046.png Grandma's Cookie 8 Tokens
8043.png 84% Dark Chocolate 20 Tokens
8044.png Chocolate Orange 20 Tokens
8028.png Bag of Xmas Sweets 35 Tokens
8030.png Costume Santa Hat 300 Tokens
8033.png Ice Weapon Gift Box 500 Tokens
8048.png Costume Red Scarf 2,500 Tokens
8051.png Winter's Grace 10,000 Tokens

Server-wide Rewards[edit]


Pie keeps track of how many stolen letters have been returned to Santa! Returning stolen letters to Santa will result in server-wide rewards and further progress the event.

Reward 8027.png Letter to Santa
  • Delivery #2 for Santa Unlocked
8043.png 3 Bitter Dark Chocolate
8044.png 3 Chocolate Orange
10 Letters
  • Delivery #3 for Santa Unlocked

12132.png 3 Santa's Bag

25 Letters
  • Delivery #4 for Santa Unlocked
  • +20% Exp Event in Toy Factory and Antonio's Lair
50 Letters
  • Final Delivery for Santa Unlocked

8049.png Costume Beanie

250 Letters
  • Double Santa Poring Spawn
500 Letters
  • x1.25 Experience and Drop Rates for 1 week
1000 Letters
  • ??? Surprise Costume!
2000 Letters