2022 White Day

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2022 White Day (Valentine's Day) Event[edit]

White Day is similar to Valentine's Day and is celebrated in Japan and some other select parts of the world. It is a day when boys will give girls chocolate! On OathRO though, everyone can participate and have some fun.

Players can explore the world for Loverings and Little Cupids that will spawn randomly around the world. The Little Cupids are said to also congregate in the lower levels of Geffen Tower and Payon Dungeon, Clock Tower and around Al de Baran and Juno.

Every minute throughout the event 4 Loverings will randomly spawn throughout the world. Don't let them become too populated or they will surely take over! Little Cupids will also randomly spawn, just at a slower rate. Neither mob is aggressive, but you should take care when trying to fight the Little Cupids, they are a bit stronger!

Fighting this mobs will grant you a chance to get Valentine's Tokens! These tokens can be exchanged through Stacey Love for other goodies and tokens to play the Gatcha machine.

Monster and Drops[edit]

Loverings have a chance at dropping a Costume Red Cute Ribbon, while Little Cupids have a chance to drop a Costume Heart Hairpin. Both of these monsters have a 1.0% base drop chance for these headgears.

Lovering (3985)
Lv 15 Lovering
HP 395
Base EXP 80
Job EXP 61
ATK 49-65
Size Medium
Against Monster
HIT 52 FLEE 95% 112
DEF 5 MDEF 10 STR 1 AGI 17
VIT 16 INT 1 DEX 22 LUK 15
Little Cupid (3986)
Lv 33 Little Cupid
HP 2560
Base EXP 739
Job EXP 562
ATK 155-186
Size Small
Against Monster
HIT 73 FLEE 95% 208
DEF 10 MDEF 15 STR 10 AGI 20
VIT 15 INT 30 DEX 100 LUK 25
Item Probability
8157.png Valentine Token 100% *
8157.png Valentine Token 40%
8158.png Gatcha Machine Token 2%
8156.png Valentine Candy 6.5%
507.png Red Herb 12%
529.png Candy 11%
8147.png Costume Red Fillet 1%
2607.png Clip[1] 0.02%

(*) Loot probability is hard capped to 90% on OathRo.

Item Probability
8157.png Valentine Token 100% *
8157.png Valentine Token 90%
8158.png Gatcha Machine Token 3.5%
8156.png Valentine Candy 6.5%
1702.png Bow[4] 1.5%
5041.png Costume Heart Hairpin 1%
1705.png Composite Bow[4] 0.26%
994.png Flame Heart 0.1%

(*) Loot probability is hard capped to 90% on OathRo.

Lovering map.jpg All around the world and also in some dungeons like Geffen Tower, Payon Dungeon, Clock Tower.


Two NPCs were added to trade the tokens, they are located in Payon's Bazaar.

2022 White day NPC location.jpg

Stacey Love[edit]

Stacey Love.png

Stacey Love is located in the Payon's Bazaar and will exchange your Valentine Tokens for Valentine treats, Gatcha machine tokens, or even a special headgear!

Item 8157.png Valentine Token Item Information
8158.png Gatcha Machine Token 10 Tokens Grants One Play at the Gatcha Machine
8156.png Valentine Candy 10 Tokens Heals a Moderate Amount of HP and Tiny Amount of SP
8149.png Strawberry Cake 25 Tokens Grants +5 ATK and MATK for 10 Minutes
8155.png Chocolate Strawberry Shake 50 Tokens Heals you for 15% HP and 15% SP
8159.png Costume Valentine Hat 1,000 Tokens A large heart with arrow through it worn on your head!

Gatcha Machine[edit]

Gatcha Machine.png

Throughout the event, you can exchange a 8158.png Gatcha Machine Token for a random Gatcha Ball. The rarities vary for the five different balls, but if you are lucky enough to get a Rare or Legendary gatcha ball, you'll be rewarded with a Pet Taming Item or even a Pet Egg!