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  1. Late on the evening of November 11th, the server went down due to unexpected outage. The reason was completely due to our host. They had detected a fault on their server and had to migrate our server to another cabinet. There was no impact aside from down time (all data is preserved -- the server was up the entire time; just connections could not be reached). Obviously, it is an annoyance to players when they have downtime and while it is typical for us to have scheduled downtime, the unscheduled variety is a little more off-putting, even when it is out of our control. Given the situation, a compensatory gift to the Promotions NPC in Payon (87, 159) is available. (1 Stylist Coupon, 1 Battle Manual and 1 Job Manual). Thank you for bearing with us during this unexpected event.
  2. I've been discussing with the staff to have some sort of solution. The one they're looking at right now is some sort of widget bot thing which would embed discord servers right into the website. So basically the patch-log channel (and probably announcements to) would be able to show up right on the site without people even needing Discord or to register in. Personally I'd prefer something on the patcher itself, because some people use neither Discord or here, but it would be a simple solution for here at least if they actually do it. It would spare me time I really don't have to manually reformat every patch log, big or small.
  3. Mobs have been moved around and shifted in OathRO. This is a part of our "monster rebalance" that is unique to this server only. This isn't something unique to mjolnir_11; a lot of maps had mobs shifted and/or moved, with numbers influenced as well. For example the mob "Great Snake" exists in mjolnir_10, which is a custom mob completely unique to OathRO. It was created to help curve the gap of leveling options between levesl 40~50 in that area. In mjolnir_12, there exists another completely new mob unique to OathRO called "Pill Bug", which is meant to be an intermediate/advanced option for mages and archers (it has no cast sense), as it is extremely soft and susceptible to fire. It's also another option to find a guard[1] from. Point is, all of it was created with a smoother levelling experience in mind, and creating pockets where some classes might find viability in some places while others may find another, but several options exist either way.
  4. Floras are in mjolnir_02 (30), mjolnir_05 (20), and gef_fild08 (15). OathRO guides, and even the wiki itself are basically player-made, so information in them may be biased and/or not accurate at all. If you find a contradiction in one though, it would be good to reach out to the player who made it to have them correct the info (or in the case of the wiki, a wiki contributer).
  5. I got a few people asking for an album for the comics since the forums kind of squish them. You can find all the strips here: https://imgur.com/a/F6WfGEE
  6. 100 vit is required for immunity. Luk isn't required if you have 100 vit.
  7. There also a couple more additions for this year's Halloween as well from last year's event; including Payon looking a lot more spooky, now that it is officially the main city of the server! Behind the Prontera Church, you will find a gateway to Nifelheim! One of the vendor NPCs in Nifelheim town has two costumes that are available for purchase in exchange for "Essence of Death". There is also a "Great Witch" boss monster that spawns once an hour which you can defeat from some rewards, including a ghostly top hat! "Great Witch' drops the hat at a 1.00% chance, but if you don't think you can handle the boss monster, Loli Ruri's have a small chance to drop them as well! (0.02%)
  8. All new accounts created from 22nd October will be created as a 'Master Account'. If you created any 'game accounts' before 22nd October, those accounts will need to be linked/attached to a master account. In addition, due to the account changes, there have been changes to the account rules as well to match this new system. Master Account Migration Process The Master Account system will now be implemented. It is important that every member of the server read this important announcement to make their transition smooth. There are now two types of accounts, "Master Accounts" and "Game Accounts". The Master Account is a type of account that allows you to manage up to three linked Game Accounts. Guild Game Accounts will be linked at a later date, so do not link these accounts at this time as they will count against your three Game Account limit and GM intervention is required to reverse these links. The following are a set of instructions you can follow to ensure you are linking accounts appropriately. Step 1: Please visit https://oathro.com/?module=account&action=create to create a new Master Account. The account creation system is now set to create Master Accounts, not game accounts. You will only be able to log into your Master Account from the Control Panel splash page. Game Accounts can be managed once you are logged into the Master Account via the control panel. Step 2: Once you have created a Master Account, please log into the game and find a Master Account Admin NPC. These NPCs have the Genie sprite and are located in Payon, Alberta, Morocc, Aldebaran, Prontera, and Geffen. Once you have located this NPC, click on them and either select "Information" for more info about the process or select "Link to Master Account". The second option will allow you to link the Game Account you are currently logged in to with your Master Account. After selecting this option, insert your credentials about your Game Account and Master Account as prompted. Once you have completed this process, your Game Account is linked! Note that this process is irreversible. However, if you have any questions or are having trouble with the process, please contact our staff. Note that only THREE game accounts may be linked to a Master Account and only one Master Account can be created per player. Note that this NPC should be used promptly. After December 1, 2022, linking accounts must be done outside the game as any unlinked Game Accounts will be unable to login until they are linked to a Master Account. This process will need to be done through assistance of a GM, so it is best to link your account as soon as possible. Migration NPCs are located at: Payon (92, 159) Prontera (150, 191) Alde Baran (135, 122) Morocc (152, 106) Geffen (114, 70) Alberta (116, 71) Current Control Panel Controls Logging into the control panel is now done through your Master Account. Once logged in to your Master Account, you can manage the login credentials and email of the Master Account. NEVER SHARE THE DETAILS OF YOUR MASTER ACCOUNT FOR ANY REASON. DOING SO MAY RESULT IN AUTOMATED SYSTEMS DETECTING OWNERSHIP OF MORE THAN ONE MASTER ACCOUNT WHICH CAN LEAD TO SUSPENSION. Once logged into your Master Account, you will also be able to manage the credentials of linked Game Accounts. In the future, more features will be added for loaning accounts. It is highly advisable not to share any details of your Game Accounts. Once live, the loaning system will provide minimal security, and while not advisable to ever share your account details, will provide you an option to give access to a Game Account without having to share its actual password. Other Planned Features We are in the process of adding more features. Once a large majority of people have linked their account, we plan to implement a Master Account storage system. This will be accessible by any of your linked accounts and will act as a shared pool of storage so you can easily transfer items among all your accounts and characters. Personal storage will still exist. Please note if a player is logged in using loaned account credentials, they will not be able to access Master Account storage for the protection of the owner of the Game Account. We also plan to implement the loaning system, which will allow players to loan out their account to another person. While this is not advisable, we do note that people currently loan out their accounts. Please note that any rules broken while loaning out your Game Account will STILL be enforced at the Master Account level without exception. It is your responsibility to choose who to loan out your account to and you take personal risk in losing your account if rule infractions occur. Account Rules - Updated Master Accounts Each individual player may create one Master Account (“Master Account”) using a non-temporary email address. This email address should come from a well-known domain that can be easily accessed by the player for purposes of using automated services such as password changes. Any player who intentionally creates more than one Master Account will have subsequent Master Accounts deleted and are subject to additional punishment if the additional Master Accounts were used for nefarious purposes. Those who have had their Master Account banned may create a new Master Account with the hope that all rules will be followed thereafter. Game Accounts A game account (“Game Account”) is one which a player uses to physically access OathRO. Three game accounts may be linked to a Master Account. Game Accounts not linked to a valid Master Account will be unable to connect to the server after December 1, 2022. A player may still autovend on the three accounts (these are passive connections), but can only have one active connection to the game server (this is a connection where the player is physically playing the game). In the event a player wishes to delete or unlink a Game Account, a server administrator will need to be petitioned. If the petition is granted, the prior Game Account will be unlinked (and unplayable) and a new Game Account can be made to take its place. Guild Game Account A guild leader may create one additional account (“Guild Game Account”) that can be used by the guild for purposes of guild management, Blacksmith crafting, and Alchemist brewing. This Guild Game Account will act as a special game account that does not count against the allotted three active game accounts. However, the guild leader is responsible for managing this Guild Game Account and any actions brought against the account may lead to its banishment or permanent suspension. In the case the account is suspended, the guild leader may opt to completely delete that account and recreate a new Guild Game Account with no characters or stored items.
  9. I'm the only one who moderates the forum. The activity on the forum here was very low to begin with compared to the Discord. Now-a-days, there's literally over 30x more people that use the discord than are even registered in this forum (let alone those who use it), so the Discord takes far higher priority than here. That doesn't mean that it is my intention to abandon here or something (that's why I still check here from time to time), but unfortunately, I'm also going through some heavy stuff IRL the past few months since March, and will continue to be going through said stuff for next few months until at least the end of January (I hope), so because of that as well as the extremely low activity, the forum has taken a backseat. I don't even have time to check the Discord right now despite it being "30x" more important for 5 minutes most days, let alone spending hours on reformatting announcements and other information for the forum so they show up properly and are easily decipherable. I've tried just copy & pasting before and it's pretty miserable. Most of this stems with the main problem in that we're just extremely understaffed. Oathkeeper and I had no idea the server would become this big. We didn't even expect 5% of the current population on the server, and I mean that sincerely. There's nearly 4,000 active people on the Discord and we expected the server to maybe at best have 20 active people. We started only a year ago and we have 20x that and it's still growing. It's pretty daunting. There's only 5 people who moderate the game and two of them (one of them being me and the other being Oathkeeper) are basically out of commission at the moment. But even with all 5 of us moderating, it's still not enough for this many players whilst maintaining everything else at once. I don't like it at all either, but time is finite and I have to choose between the volunteer job that I get paid nothing for, or doing what I can do to try and keep a roof over my head. I have to choose the one that keeps a roof over my head and I'm not even sure I will even have a roof over my head by December anyway. If I was getting paid money to moderate for the server, I'd happily be posting every announcement to the forum all day every day and working 16 hours every day with no weekends just so I know I can make it by the end of the year. On an additional footnote for WoE, we've been trying to get a "WoE" GM (in addition to just more hands to help the server in general) that would handle all of the WoE information, stream it, defuse drama that may surround it, post the info and status about WoE, etc -- which would include posting info here. We know WoE information and handling is not the best and is non-existent on the forum, but not many people want to work for free. Even those who do though, may end up not being a good eligible candidate.
  10. Not until much later. It could also possibly be never; I'm not quite sure if Oathkeeper has decided if that will be a thing or not 100%. Whether it will or not though, it'll be something that happens after trans classes for sure.
  11. These are the current combos for cards/equipment that are active at this time.
  12. Unfortunately, that isn't reversible other than deleting and remaking the character again.
  13. Yes, go to the #open-ticket channel on Discord and select "Support/Buggs" for ban appeals or to inquire about the reason for a ban.
  14. Try the solution in this topic here and see if it helps: https://oathro.com/forums/index.php?/topic/89-no-love-for-mac/&tab=comments#comment-215
  15. The problem with adding custom weapons like this is that new sprites would need to be created, since those classes normally cannot use axe weapons in the first place. You'd need to make axe sprites, and then possible new swing animations for those classes at front/back angles (not entirely necessary, but it would be best to make it look authentic and good). I don't think it's possible for us to modify or interject new sprites in that way just yet, both for custom class sprites and for custom weapon ones. In regards to Novices though, there is a custom dagger we have (doesn't use a custom sprite) that gives increased attack speed that is exclusively for Novice/Super Novice.
  16. Got it. I'm glad it's working now for you! Topic closed by request.
  17. At the time, you'll have to do a lot of grinding to hit 99, but this is something we're hoping to change over time. The new catacombs dungeon was one of the many steps we wanted to take to give people something different to do. That said, there's still a good number of activities to do currently. Not enough to quest entirely to 99, but enough to take a break between grinding sessions and do something else. With that said, the 1st anniversary event is coming soon, so I'd prepare for that. 🙂
  18. Closed by request, then. Glad you got it fixed!
  19. This has been requested a few times but I'm not sure about the status on it. I'll have to inquire with staff. I'll try to remember to come back to this thread and give an update on the status of adding Russian chat in-game. I asked staff. There's nothing stopping from adding a Russian chat, just one of those "we can do but low priority" lists because of everyone being so busy with a bunch of other matters. What is on the to-do list though is to add the cyrillic alphabet to the game so Russian players do not have to modify the GRF to be able to speak in their language properly. A Russian channel may follow either with, or after that.
  20. It could be a bad install that's causing the crashing. I'd recommend reinstalling. If that doesn't fix the issue, give me the stuck character's name. I'll ask staff to move the character elsewhere to see if that helps.
  21. Unfortunately, this is baked into the client. It's not something we can change (we would remove it if we could; it doesn't work very well). We are looking to find a new client though to work with since the current one has a lot of problems, which may or may not have that feature. It's hard to say at the current time.
  22. It would be best to contact a GM in-game if you can, or make a support ticket in the server's discord to contact directly so they can help you out while you are online.
  23. For ban appeals, it would be best to ask in the server's Discord via opening a ticket. Currently I am the only one who moderates the forums here, but due to real life issues on my end, I'm not community managing or moderating the game at the current time, so I can't help with the ban appeal as I have no information about it.
  24. There's no strict schedule, just every few months when we (and the community) feel like it's been long enough. Before we were pumping them out faster, but almost the entire community asked us to slow down, which we did -- let's us work on other things in the meantime. Trans classes specifically will probably be around a year, perhaps a little less, perhaps a little more.
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