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Happy almost autumn!


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Heya! I'm Evergrace.

A little about me: I was cursed as a child to play a game called Evergrace. It was such a terrible game that I'm eternally haunted by it until the end of time. I like playing support roles the most such as bard/dancer and priest.


I'm glad to be here and I'm happy there's no multiclienting allowed in OathRO.

Very nice looking server, especially for someone like me who lives on the west coast.

See you around!

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Ah, another fellow support player, hello!

Actually my main classes are Baby Mage and Baby Acolyte (yes, not Baby Wizard and Baby Priest), but until adoption releases, I plan to mostly be playing supportish styles. Including eventually creating a 99 int/vit tank that will eventually be a Crusader until then. Making a 99 int/vit swordsman will need lots of help though, so maybe I could ask for your assistance in game sometime. 😛

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