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02/03/2022 Patch update

Sairek Ceareste

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This was a huge patch we released, changing a lot of things and making many optimization improvements to the client itself. Such changes include:

- Removal of Gepard, for our own security system. This should bring lots of optimizations to clients, reduce the false positive cases of the client kicking the player or not allowing basic third party programs (such as the game not starting because the user has a touchpad because they're on a laptop) as well as more reliable connectivity. This should mean that other things like Voodoo and Exitlag should now work, though we don't offer support on these things, so keep that in mind.

- Sound when the client is not in focus. No more getting caught off guard when you're alt-tabbed out of the game and not hearing it.

- Changes to the in-game text for larger resolutions (it was size 11 Tahoma font before. It is now size 12 Arial).

- Changes to the GRF, mostly encoding fixes for better stabilizing for future content.

- Changes to the maximum zoom out: It is now set to as far as the draw distance is allowed (16 tiles). This was done because many people on Discord who played in smaller resolutions felt the game was way too small to play in this way and because this matches more closely how RO was intended to be played. The Zoom out is still 50% larger than the default zoom, but we understand this may be a controversial change, and we do welcome any and all feedback.

- Removal of Foreground translucency: Or at least that's what I call it—This was the effect that makes whatever that may be in front of your character become translucent (like a tree). It was removed because a lot of the time it didn't work well and just made random objects either near you or that you were standing on translucent. For example, the entirety of the Alberta ship.

- Other small minor improvements, or pending improvements such as lowering input delay.


Please Remember to allow the OathRO Patcher to be whitelisted in your Windows Defender. We're still looking for a way to make the new Windows update not cause the Defender to eat the patcher.




I cannot log in!
You need to download the new patch to be able to log in, due to all of the changes made to the patcher, client and grf.

If for some reason you cannot patch with your patcher, here are direct downloads to the new exe files without having to reinstall the entire game. These should work. You can also download these if Windows Defender has eaten one of your files:

Patcher: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/884720756930535445/938778024449564672/OathRO_Patcher.exe
OathRO executable: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/884720756930535445/938778025003192350/OathRO.exe
Opensetup executable: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/884720756930535445/938778025854660668/opensetup.exe

I ran the exe but the game won't start!
You must run the patcher to start the game now. You cannot start the executable standalone. This is to prevent issues where people would run an unpatched version of the game and would get swamped with errors and often times get themselves stuck.


My in-game character has different styles now!
Certain styles were changed by this new client. We will be organizing another patch soon that will add new styles to the game, as well as give everyone free non-tradeable stylist tickets so that you will be able to reset everything back to the way they were before, or change to one of the new additional styles within the next couple of days.

My Window is different now!
The "dinput.ini" file has been depreciated due to the new changes to the client, but you can change the ".ini" format to ".asi" and it should work as it did before, like this: unknown.png

Please post any issues or feedback down below. Though this isn't my expertise, I'll try my best to troubleshoot any guide through any issues you may be experiencing as well send feedback to the team.

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Small update: Instead of giving free stylist coupons, we're just gonna make the stylist free for a week. This should be done within the next 24 hours. This way it helps people who had more than a couple of character that got hit with a style change and won't have to wait a few days with a style they don't like to see the new ones as well.

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10 hours ago, WarfareBot said:

Your discord invite links across the website and through the launcher have expired.

Are you sure? Oathkeeper and I just tested them and they are working fine for us and people have been joining the Discord yesterday and today with no issues either. Could I ask you to try again and report back and see if it isn't Discord black magic at work?

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2 hours ago, Sairek Ceareste said:

Are you sure? Oathkeeper and I just tested them and they are working fine for us and people have been joining the Discord yesterday and today with no issues either. Could I ask you to try again and report back and see if it isn't Discord black magic at work?

You are right, Discord voodoo. Thanks. /ok

Worked after redownloading the client and going through a series of verification captchas on it. Not sure why it would tell me 'Invite Invalid' instead of account issue. I could view my current servers on the web client - didn't think to try another discord invite.

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