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Readable font/ui Guide


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Required additional software: Borderless Gaming (or similar).

This is for those that have issues reading the UI when using display resolution (and using the fullscreen is not an option for w/e reason). There are some small caveats though, those will be after the how-to. Lest start with pictures, everyone loves pictures (screenshots taken with OBS).


Default 1920x1080:



Still 1920x1080 but actually 960x540 (exactly half)



To make this happen you have to go to your OathRO directory and edit the dinput.ini file. Find the part where you can override the window width and height:

; Override RO window position and size.
; Ignored if WindowWidth = 0 or WindowHeight = 0.
; Command line switch: -wX,Y,Width,Height
WindowPosX =0
WindowPosY =0
WindowWidth =960
WindowHeight =540

After editing and saving the file you are almost done.

Now you need to get yourself Borderless Gaming software. I'm using the one on github, version 9.5.6. Then start the game and when it's at the select server window (or later), find the game in the Borderless Gaming applications list and move it to favorites. It should do the magic trick now, or you might need to press the 3rd button from the top at the middle of the Borderless Gaming window.



  • Using the in-game screrenshot functionality to take screenshots results in their resolution to be 960x540 (or what ever you set it at).
  • The UI is a bit too large, but I personally prefer that over the text for ants.
  • If the window width and height is exactly not half of your display resolution then the font will be more or less unreadable.
  • Your mouse will go vroooom!


I hope this helps someone.

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