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  1. Shinega

    Server closed

    Thats work actually, sorry ! But if i could know why i had this, that can be helpfull. Thanks 😘
  2. Shinega


    (Not a good english here, close your eyes) Hey, I traveled servers to servers low to high. But prefer farm and like official server when i was a kid. I growed up to a great assassin cross, i didn't liked more and don't even try it. Cauz of a curse, i started my life again like a novice and I actually steal some foods like a good thief. live is hard. I move in the darkness, always to be on your back. My katars / daggers stay near to me to cut your head. I'm dark but my heart isn't, bloods are always in my hands. To grow up again and be the number one of Assassins, i need your help... If a guild have the power to take me, i'll give my live for all of u. i'll be loyal. That's all, find and know me in game. Shinega. (Little pic of me )
  3. Shinega

    Server closed

    Hi 🤝, I tried to connect on server, but a pop-up with "Server Closed (1)" appear. 😮 On website, 8 people are online. and server status on. 😒 I have a problem on my PC/Patch/Client ? ☚ī¸ Thank you 😘, Shinega
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