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  1. currently live ★ come say hi

  2. 😁deleted all the other dead links, as I had some testing trials, now I'm posting this current active live stream link here 🙂 I had some software issues, thanks to a certain member of the community for helping with that. you know who you are 😊 Up and running again 🚀 stop in and say hi 😇
  3. Welcome! Hope you have a fun time here. I'll keep an eye out for you ingame.
  4. You're amazing, thank you! Saved me a nightmare, no doubt 🙂
  5. Thank you, doing so now. You seem to know ur stuff, my friend. Should I just delete the videos or is renaming them safe enough? Both include the Soundtrack playing for hours 😛
  6. Feel free to join and help us, or watch and chat xx https://youtu.be/tWODjivePNA
  7. Heya! 🥰Squish here, super long time RO player, & found this server off a Reddit post. So far very happy to be here after two days, as ive made a few friends already and someone gave me 20k for pots, so i feel blessed. If anyone wants to play together please do let me know, and we can have some adventures for my new Youtube channel. My first episode will be focusing on Introducting new players to the server, and giving my opinions on it, and it'll double as a cute ad for the server so i'm trying to have some fun with it. Anyway, thats me, im a musician and adult model and happy to play with any other girls. Im LGBTIQ+ friendly and online pretty much every day, always.. Character name is Squish 🙂 Feel free to say hi or ask me anything here or inbox me, or PM me ingame!! Thanks for then warm welcome so far, everyones very lovely ❤️
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