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  1. 2-2 99/50. Trans classes will come eventually, some time in late 2023 most likely.
  2. Unlisting them would probably be fine, which would allow people to still watch them later without it being seen easily by the search engine afterwards. The soundtrack is probably fine. Many videos that have posted the soundtrack have been completely untouched. Oath has some custom additions/changes as well, and we'll probably do more as time goes on in an effort to enhance the experience.
  3. Just a forewarning, Gravity is still actively "copy-wronging" anything to do with their IP on both Youtube and Twitch, even if the content is legitimate and does not infringe copyright. I'd suggest making anything Ragnarok Online related not be a part of the title and thumbnail, and keep any use of their IP (Such as "RO") out of the title and tags to safeguard your channel.
  4. Trans classes will be a thing on the server, but it's still about a year off or so.
  5. This has been discussed a lot on the Discord, and while we're not against bringing it early; we brought Super Novice in as a sort of episode "4.5" instead of 6, with much of the gear missing to keep their power down, TK is still way too early. The release from Super Novice was only a couple months early, while TK is still approximately a year or more away; even for a nerfed or incomplete state. The same extends to other expanded classes.
  6. Skill resets won't be enabled in the server for the foreseeable future. The next skill reset you'd get would be when trans comes, after you hit level 99, or unless major changes happen to the class.
  7. @autotrade characters are not logged into the game, so you can set up an @autotrade merchant and play another character (on another account) at the same time. The only thing not allowed is using @autotrade to circumvent the multi-clienting rule, by using it to keep the merchant in game to buff, endow or leech it. This is considered a "proxy" for multi-clienting purposes, which is against the rule, and will be punished as such.
  8. It's encouraged that if you are playing with someone on the same IP or within your household, to log off, even if it's only for a few minutes. We can tell if someone is multi-clienting, but we can't tell if it's genuinely two people or not. So when we see that it looks like someone is multi-clienting from our side of things, and we see the second character just sitting there, obviously not controlled by a second individual, it gets extremely suspicious; especially if those two characters are on the same map, partied with each other, or logs in only to buff/endow, etc. On top of that, we encourage both parties to play actively, and try to avoid autofollowing, or buff botting. Pictures don't really mean much as proof, because anybody can have two computers next to each other for any number of reasons. My brother doesn't play RO (anymore), but I could take a picture and be like "Yup, he plays RO", if you get what I mean. The best proof is that two characters are obviously being controlled by two different individuals; a single individual cannot possibly control two characters very well consistently, for prolonged periods of play through multiple days, weeks and potentially months. Aside from tools given us signs if someone is potentially dual-clienting, this is also something we watch out when someone is signalled as a potential multi-clienter, as how two people play two characters compared to one person playing two characters is extremely different. As the rules state: "If it looks like, acts like, or behaves like multi-clienting, then we will ban for multi-clienting". While we don't want to make it impossible for families or friends to play together, we have to be somewhat pro-active to potential abuse cases of instead of proving without a doubt, to banning beyond a reasonable doubt; though we try our best to fulfill the former, and if we're not extremely sure, we don't ban someone until we are very sure. Multi-clienting is one of the harder things to detect and prove unquestionably, and one of the easiest things to do given how normalized and habitual it has become across various servers with the 20+ years of the game existing.
  9. We're already aware of people being able to do this and plan to fix it soonℒ️.
  10. At the time, I don't think Oathkeeper plans to do any skill balance changes until months later down the road, but I'll give him a poke for that time about the spell's duration.
  11. Yes it's coming soon with the next content update.
  12. Those two skills are not passive skills. Renew is a rework of Slow Poison and require skill points to invest into and SP to cast (100 SP at level 4). Preserve for Rogue is still the stalker skill, just brought to Rogues. It must be cast every now and then to preserve the skill learned from Plagarize. Katar Mastery base has been modified by giving it 1 extra attack per skill level from the default 3 and 0.5% crit rating per skill level (with katars, this is doubled, meaning you get 1% crit per skill level, up to maximum of free 10% passive crit). We feel that is good enough for Assassins at the current time as Katars are already widely more popular than daggers, but it helps bring auto attack assassin builds to be more viable.
  13. We actually already boosted card drop rates. All item drops have a 0.01% increase to drop rates (this emulates an official "bug" where all drops, including cards, have +0.01% drop rate than they showed). Monsters that are levels 1~10 have +0.02% drop rate for a total of 0.04% Monsters that are levels 11~20 (with a couple exceptions) have a drop rate increase of 0.01% for a total of 0.03%. Right now there's also an event going on until Tuesday about 21 hours left from this post - where exp and drop rates are increased by 34% to celebrate Oathkeeper's birthday, so 0.03 and 0.04% card drops will increase by another 0.01% until the event ends (this also stacks with bubble gum, so you can have a 0.10% chance to find a card on 1~10 level mobs, like drops, fabre, pupa, etc). Anyways, it's just RNG. I looked 4 weeks for an AoA and never found it. Eventually I just bought one for all the skeleton bones I accumulated! πŸ˜„ Zeny is kind of your "bad luck protection" as far as I am concerned. If cards were guaranteed over the long run, their value would decrease dramatically.
  14. No combos are enabled at this time (class specific things on cards however are enabled). Pantie/undershirt especially are disabled because it's such a powerful combo, especially this early on in the episodic lifespan of the game.
  15. Are you sure? Oathkeeper and I just tested them and they are working fine for us and people have been joining the Discord yesterday and today with no issues either. Could I ask you to try again and report back and see if it isn't Discord black magic at work?
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