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  1. Servers were in maintenance to apply a patch. The players you saw that were still online were autovendors. There will be another patch on Tuesday, October 12th at 13:00 GMT to apply several skill changes. This will be a much larger patch and the server will be offline for 2 hours to make sure the server is recompiled correctly and all backups are made. I highly recommend joining the Discord server so you can keep up to dates with announcements and stuff. 🙂
  2. Hercules has put out a notice of a known bug where sometimes fly wings, butterfly wings, and magnifying glasses are consumed but do not activate their effect. The cause of this bug is currently unknown by Hercules staff. Unfortunately it's out of our control at the moment and so we can only hope that the cause is found quickly.
  3. The OBT ended roughly 3 hours ago from the time of this post (we extended it by 3 hours due to accidentally yeeting all the NPCs and mobs briefly). Official launch for the server will begin on Thursday, September 23, 12:00 GMT, just before the weekend.
  4. I'll just copy & paste Oathkeeper's answer to a similar question from the Discord: "As for monster skills, they too are all implemented but I recognize that some of those skills are likely overpowered and so to scale back some more difficult mobs, I will be nerfing their skills. I already have in some cases nerfed skills that made certain mobs autoattack for 100 and then have a "Dark Skill Attack" that hit for 600. A simple elemental attack should not hit for 6x a base attack, so things like those have been watered down. I have not touched MVPs too much, but the same concept will be applied to them as trans and 3rd classes are not in the game." In the case of drops, they'll be changed to make them episode appropriate, like no Super Novice or Ninja gear dropping, but some items on mobs and MVPs alike, such as the elemental books for example that came out with sage are still in the game, because it allows Priests to make some interesting builds and some misc items are still left in to add more options for balance to us for zeny gains.
  5. Yup! You can take a look at the ever-popular "Wolf" for example and see its HP and EXP is different. Boss monsters also have much more rewarding EXP as well now.
  6. Ah, another fellow support player, hello! Actually my main classes are Baby Mage and Baby Acolyte (yes, not Baby Wizard and Baby Priest), but until adoption releases, I plan to mostly be playing supportish styles. Including eventually creating a 99 int/vit tank that will eventually be a Crusader until then. Making a 99 int/vit swordsman will need lots of help though, so maybe I could ask for your assistance in game sometime. 😛
  7. Hello, I'm Sairek, and the first thing you probably already have found out about me is that I am terrible at condensing down text! However, the reason there's always so much text wherever I am, is because I actually love to write! It's my passion and hobby now-a-days. I've been playing RO for pretty much as long as I can remember; when I was in the young single digits. It was basically my first MMORPG and it's still my favorite one to this day. Oathkeeper and I met on the official and ill-fated Ragnarok RE:Start server a little over four years ago by now. I guess since then, we both haven't had the classic RO experience we've both been thirsting for (RE:Start certainly wasn't it). I never got to enjoy the original classic game at all, and though I've kept searching since the RE:Start mishap, I still hadn't actually found a server that scratched that "itch". Some came close and there's certainly some great RO servers you can find in RMS, but as far as actual proper classic servers go, there was always some sort of cash shop, constant multi-clienting or using multiple computers causing everyone to party with themselves, had corrupt staff, etc. Yes, I am a picky guy. How could you tell? Apparently Oathkeeper was also frustrated. So, since we couldn't find "the" server, Oathkeeper decided to make his own and self-funded it out of pocket. You know, "sometimes the best way to get something done is to do it yourself", and so here we are. I am the lead tester for the alpha of the server. I am passionate about making this server as enjoyable and fun as it possibly can be. In that regard, I've been been spending multiple hours a day spotting as many bugs as I can and play testing by myself as much as I could. I've talked to every single NPC (I think) to help Oathkeeper correct bad typos or terrible word wrapping or other NPC weirdness, and spotting those that don't belong at all in episode 3. I've been checking every single warp to fix those that are broken or are misplaced and to omit those that don't belong. I've been play testing all of the mobs multiple times on multiple classes to make sure their rebalancing feels right. ...And yet, there's still more things for me to test and find before these last few days before the Open Beta Test at the time of me writing this. In other words – if you find something 'wrong' with the server or spot a bug in the OBT, feel free to yell at me for doing a poor job. I'm the first line of defense, after all. 😄 I won't know how good of a job I've done until the start of the open beta test and official server launch, but I promise everyone that I am devoting my best in making sure that the player experience will be as fun and bug-free as it possibly can be for everyone with as much polish as possible. With all of that said: my views on mob balance is obviously subjective and limited to my own bias; so don't be afraid to provide us feedback on them. I cannot single-handedly balance the mobs by myself, only put them in the right direction (Like how Thara Frogs would randomly yeet people for over 400~500 damage). True balance on the mobs will definitely have to be an on-going community effort. In terms of my role to the server itself – right now I am acting as the lead tester. After the opening of the server though, I will be volunteering as a Community Manager. This means I won't have godly GM powers to help solve problems for you in-game if something breaks or if someone is being a big-stupid-poopoo head. I will be playing the server as a regular player alongside the rest of everyone else. However I will be moderating these forums, as well as OathRO's Discord server (and to some lesser extent, the game itself I suppose—if I see someone clearly breaking rules, Oathkeeper's gonna know about it). I will be doing my best to answer questions as best as I can and to help keep the community a clean environment, and if a situation in-game requires GM attention, I will do my best to let Oathkeeper know so the problem can be fixed as soon as possible. If you managed to read all of that, thank you! And welcome everyone to OathRO!
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