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  1. Hi guys! I'm traveler, a casual player. Well... I've played this game since 2010 I think, I was a kid and didn't know much of the game, so it was so hard to me to understand it and stopped later. Now I know a little of it, and I hope to learn more while playing here. In the official server, I got lvl 92 with a Lord Knight, but didn't enjoy it too much: just killing the same mobs and going in the same places. Now, I hope I'm gonna be exploring all the maps, seeing different types of creatures for killing (thanks for rebalancing the xp and job, will make the game way more fun) and, like my name, traveling to all locations that's possible. I'm not sure if I'm going to play as thief or archer, but I think I'm gonna test archer now. See you in the game!
  2. Hopefully we'll have a couple of supports here, we need to kill some mvps, haha. I played before as priest, it's cool, even more when you join big parties and you make total difference there.
  3. It'll be cool to take a first look on this server. Does the monster database from the website is the currently applied on the server? I saw some differences already in base/job xp from monsters while I was taking a look there.
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